Online Equipment List Instructions


    You may now view the list of equipment checked out in your name anytime! You can also use this tool to inventory (account for) items, transfer items to a different student or therapist, or indicate an item is lost or broken. We hope this tool will make it easier and more efficient for you to keep track of equipment and update our database directly following caseload changes, students moving to new schools, etc.


    1. Click on the following "View & Update My Equipment List"
    2. You will go to a page that says, “Welcome to CRP Equipment”. Enter your district email address and click “Next”
    3. Then enter your 2-to-4-digit patron code.  Don't know your patron code? Email Tammy at 
    4. On the same page, enter a personal password (you will need it for future logins)

    Next you should see the list of students on the left side, with equipment checked out for each on the right. Be sure to remember your login and password!


    Your “List of Students with Equipment” will appear on the left-hand side of the screen.  If you have one or multiple students with CRP Equipment their name will appear here. You have the option of seeing all your equipment, or you may highlight your students name and see only the equipment checked out for that student.

    To update information for an item of equipment (i.e. during spring inventory), you can do the following:

    Check the “Renew” box to indicate that an item has been accounted for and continues to be needed by the student (the “Renew” checkbox is only available for motor equipment)

    Check the “Broken” box to indicate that an item is not functioning properly or is physically damaged. Broken items must be returned to CRP for replacement or repair.

    Check the “Lost” box if you cannot locate the item following an extensive search (please let us know if an item is truly lost so that we can look into replacing it)

    Check the “Returned” box if you are certain that the item was returned to CRP yet remains on your list.

    Check the “NSS” (not serving student) box if, for whatever reason, you are no longer serving the student and you have no information regarding the student’s new therapist. In the comment field, enter where you believe the item of equipment is currently located. IMPORTANT: If you do know which therapist is now serving the student, use the “Transfer Equipment Request” process (directions below).


    When you first login to see your equipment list, you will see a “Transfer Equipment Request” button placed at the upper right hand corner of the screen. The “Transfer Equipment Request” tool may be used to:

    • Transfer item(s) of equipment from one regionally eligible student to another
    • Transfer item(s) of equipment from yourself to a different therapist in your district/ESD
    • Move a student (and all of their equipment) from yourself to a different therapist in your district/ESD

    Once you submit a request, we will review it. Transfering items from yourself to a different therapist will not be completed unless the new therapist has agreed to take responsibility for the items. If we are unable to complete your transfer request, we will contact you. If a transfer request is approved, the item(s) will be removed from your list. Please remember that you remain responsible for all items that you checked out until they have been taken off of your list.

    Directions to complete the “Transfer Equipment Request”

    1. From the main equipment list page, first click on the name of the student from the list provided on the left.
    2. Then check the box next to each item of equipment checked out for that students that you would like to transfer.
    3. Now click the “Transfer Equipment Request” button at the top-right of the screen.
    4. Next you will see an actual transfer form. Regardless of the type of transfer, there are six blank fields that must be filled out under “New Student” and “New Responsible Party”
    5. Once all six fields have been filled out, click on the “Submit” button.
    6. You will be taken back to the main equipment list page. The items that you have requested to be transferred will show a “pending” notation next to them until the request has been approved.


    When you first login to your equipment list page, you will see a “Run Staff Equipment Report” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

    To view a report of all equipment checked out for a specific student: click on the student’s name and click on “Run Staff Equipment Report”. You can print the report from there.

    To view a report of all equipment checked out in your name for all students, click on “Show all students” button beneath your list of students and then click on “Run Staff Equipment Report”. You can print the report from there.

    For technical assistance either logging into your account for the first time, or with using the system please call Tammy Penkert at 503-916-5570 ext.78355 


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