Our Mission

  • Assisting Local School Districts in the Education of Students with Highly Specialized Needs

    Sign for Columbia Regional Inclusive Services on front lawnThe Oregon Department of Education established state-wide regional programs to equalize the necessity to fund special education services for students with low incidence disabilities across the state. The purpose of regional services is to assist local school districts in the education of special needs students, although primary responsibility for the education of these students remains with the school district(s) located in each region.

    Columbia Regional Inclusive Services (CRIS) provides a continuum of educational services. These services include consultation to parents, early intervention programs and school age teams, support through itinerant teaching, physical therapy, assistive technology, augmentative communication and classrooms for the deaf and hard of hearing.

    CRIS hires trained, certified staff with current experience and knowledge of trends, research and technology in each disability area to provide the high-level, specialized educational services that our students need.