• EI/ECSE Referral & Evaluation Process

    Initial, 3rd birthday, and internal referrals

    1. County EI/ECSE contractor is the initial point of intake.

    • The county intake enters the data in ecweb, including the resident school district.
    • If hearing or vision is a concern the county will mark the regional box in the  “other attributes” drop down menu, select Columbia Regional Inclusive Services.  CRIS will then have access to the child’s record. 

    2. School district/county intake will contact the family and schedule an evaluation.

    • The school district/county intake will identify evaluation team members on the registry page including date, time and location of the evaluation.
    • The school district/county staff will then create a memo and send through ecweb to the designated CRIS person.  A printed referral form for evaluation will also be faxed to CRIS after signed by Special Education Director or designee. 

    D/HH: Kerry Gilley kgilley@pps.net 

    BVI: Claudia Swapp cswapp@pps.net

    Deafblind: Lea Cook lcook@pps.net

    In the memo, the referring school district/county will write the evaluation contact person’s full name, date, time and location of the evaluation and link the memo to the registry page.  Please allow a minimum of 5 working days notice to CRIS staff to attend evaluation meetings for both EI and ECSE families. 

    3. CRIS staff will contact evaluating staff to confirm attendance at evaluation meeting and discuss any other extenuating circumstances. 

    4. For D/HH (Hearing Impaired; 20):

    • D/HH staff will locate the audiogram for the child if referred through EDHI.  If the child was seen by a private physician, the county or school district will need to obtain the audiogram.
    • District/county will obtain the medical statement for eligibility.
    • District/county will share copy of medical statement and release of Information with CRIS staff. 

    5. For VI (Vision Impaired; 40):

    • A medical eye report is needed from an ophthalmologist or optometrist; the District/county evaluating team is responsible for getting this documentation.
    • A referral for VI will still be sent in if there are vision concerns reported by the parent but there is a delay in obtaining the eye report.
    • District/county will obtain the medical statement from an eye doctor for eligibility.
    • District/county will share copy of medical statement and release of Information with CRIS staff.
    • District/county will notify CRIS/BVI staff least 2 days prior to the scheduled evaluation appointment if no medical eye report was available.
    • The evaluating team will go forward with the evaluation and consider other eligibilities.   An evaluation for vision eligibility can occur at a later date, once the necessary medical reports are obtained.

    6. Evaluation/Eligibility:

    • Evaluation reports will be a unified report in ecweb.
    • Please allow 5 school days for CRIS staff to complete report in ecweb.
    • All original Evaluation/Eligibility Paperwork will be turned into the county intake office within one week of evaluation.

    7.  If the child is eligible:

    • District/county service staff will complete the CRIS referral form for services and send to Administrator for signature.  This will invite the CRIS teacher to the initial IFSP.
    • Mark the regional box in ecweb next to eligibility to begin services.  The child will be counted as regionally eligible for census. 

    For referral for our other program areas, please refer to our referral form and process on our website at https://www.crisoregon.org/domain/24 .  Each program area has specific instructions based on the unique disability and program services we provide. 

    If you have additional questions regarding referral or services please contact:

    Scott Wall
    Blind/Vision Impaired and Deaf Blind
    Kristy Karsten
    Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Audiology 
    503-916-5570 x78394

    Brad Hendershott
    Autism Spectrum Disorder, Orthopedic Impairment, and Traumatic Brain Injury
    503-916-5570 x78380