CRP Student Equipment Policies

  • equipment policies

    • A student must be enrolled at Columbia Regional Program to access equipment; motor equipment may only be checked out for and used by students with a current Orthopedic Impairment (OI) eligibility. Only PTs are permitted to check out gait trainers and standers.
    • Equipment is provided for educational access purposes where IEP/IFSP services are delivered (i.e. placement per the IEP or IFSP).
    • All equipment is checked out for a designated loan period and must be returned in clean, working order at the end of the loan period 
    • All AT and AAC items must be returned to CRP at the end of the school-year unless otherwise specified. Motor items must be returned if the student is transitioning to a new school or district, is aging out of services, or is no longer using the item
    • If you have equipment checked out and know that you are leaving a district/program, changing caseloads, or changing jobs, it is critically important to return everything you have checked out to CRP. You can also work with OI/AT staff to transfer items to a new responsible party and/or students. Please do not abandon equipment checked out in your name
    • Only designated licensed staff may check out equipment as the responsible party: Occupational and Physical Therapists, and Speech/Language Pathologists, Special Education Teachers, and Assistive Technology/Augmentative Communication Specialists. 
    • Loan and trial timelines must be adhered to, returning equipment as specified when checked out. Many items have waitlists. 
    • Responsible parties who do not return equipment and/or do not complete the inventory process as requested by CRP will not be permitted to check out additional items until specified equipment has been returned or accounted for (inventoried).
    • Repeated damage and/or loss of equipment may result in an account hold preventing additional equipment checkout pending administrative review.

    Our Student Equipment Training Module reviews many of these policies. Thank you for adhering to CRP Student Equipment Policies, helping ensure children with complex motor and communication needs receive the tools they need to maximize access, independence, and participation. 

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