AAC High Tech

  •   Augmentative/Alternative Communication tools that may be described as "high tech" include both dynamic display speech generating devices and tablet devices with installed communication apps.  When considering high tech AAC tools, it's important to not only match needed features, but to trial these devices in natural environments.



    Speech-generating devices vary in how they can be accessed.  Most devices support direct selection with touch, others also offer selection through the use of switches or eye gaze.   Dedicated speech-generating devices are usually covered by private insurace and Medicaid.  Most speech generating devices have integrated speakers, additional durability features, and offer warranties and support from the manufacturers.

    As with all technology, change is frequent and ongoing. Devices, manufacturers, and app developers join and leave the field.  However, at this time the largest speech-generating manufactureres include:


    PRC    PRC (Prentke Romich Company)


    Tobii Dynavox I110    Tobii Dynavox


      Saltillo     Saltillo





    There are many communication apps on both iOS and Android platforms.  These vary greatly in functionality, ease of use, and providing opportunities for language growth.  This is the fastest area of growth and change in the AAC tool industry, so it's virtually impossible to keep a list of current and recommended trial apps.  However, in our program, most of our AAC app consultations are for the following apps (in alphabetical order):



    GoTalk Now

    Video - Intro to GoTalk Now for Emergent Communicators and Basic Programming

    LAMP Words for Life

    Predictable (text)



    Snap + Core First

    Speak for Yourself

    Touch Chat HD with Word Power 


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